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‘99 Red Balloons’ is a project aiming to spread poetry across the country by attaching 99 poems to helium filled balloons and releasing them from Royal Holloway University. The project has three stages, all of which we hope you will get involved with.

Stage One – Choosing the Poems
We want to encourage as many people as possible to donate poems to the project. The poem you give us can either be one you’ve written yourself, or a favourite poem that means something to you. If you are visiting this site before the launch of the balloons we’d love it if you could post your poem here on the message board so we have some record of what has been released, but we’re hoping people will donate poems on the day so don’t feel put off if you don’t want to share your poem yet.

Stage Two – Releasing the Poems
Where: Royal Holloway, Founders Quad/Outside the Students’ Union
When: Monday the 4th of December, 2006
Time: 1:30pm.

We’ll be around campus from 11 o’clock onwards trying to get more of you to give us your poems and release them with us at 1:30pm. Each poem will be put in an envelope like the one below which will already be attached to a balloon, you fill in your name and then we let them go!

Stage Three – Getting Reponses to the Poems
Here’s where you come in - all of you who woke up this morning to find a red balloon with an envelope attached to it outside your house and were kind enough to log on today. Please tell us your name, where you found it and what you thought about it here.